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Lord Desmond T. Chesterberry

Until recently, little was known about Lord Desmond T. Chesterberry.
However, with the recent discovery of his much sought after diary, in Hemet, Ca, the world would gain insight into the life of the Great Explorer.

Long ago in the very small village of Bracebridge Heath, North of London, England was born the son of the infamous Lord Thomas M. Chesterberry and The Lady Segal of Lincolnshire.    As a young boy Desmond had a curious mind and a passion for discovery. At the age of 16 he left England to travel the world to experience different cultures and explore new lands.

As he left home, his father encouraged him to keep a diary of the people and places that he uncovered. In his 40 years of travel he amassed a collection of ancient artifacts, tribal offerings and royal treasures. From trekking the Himalayas, sharing a Chai with the Sultan of Turkey or breaking bread with the Luiseno Indians, Desmond had seen it all. On the eve of his return to England, his final diary entry takes place as he awaits the arrival of the 2105h Sante Fe to LA.
Desmond was never seen or heard from again!

During the renovation of Destination Coffee Bar & Bistro, Desmond’s unclaimed belongings were discovered in the basement of the Hemet Depot. To honor Desmond T. Chesterberry, the owners of Destination Coffee Bar & Bistro proudly showcase his treasures to ensure his journey was not in vain. It has been said that the spirit of Desmond lives within his artifacts.
If you listen closely you can hear him read from his diary, sharing stories of his favorite Destinations.